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Is confined space training at the top of your list? Do you want to take our ice rescue course? Or receive your Tower Authorized Climber certification? Our expert hands-on team delivers technical rescue, workplace safety, and medical training that meets and exceeds standards and regulations.

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The ideal solution for individuals or organizations with only one or two people who need training. You can plan months ahead, narrow down the course location, and budget accordingly. View our online schedule for our public courses.

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From technical rescue to wilderness medicine, take a look at our public course schedule to register and learn from our group of experts who are in tune with the latest developments.

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We bring the best to you. Fill out the private course request form to pick your dates, reduce your costs by paying for one instructor instead of travel for your entire group, and safeguard your personnel with experiential training.

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Our private courses allow you to tailor the training to industry-specific scenarios.

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Melissa Paulhus

“Our instructor worked with our rescue chief to stay consistent to our training while still teaching us new things on our Roadside Rescue course. The instructor was able to work with the tools we already had.”

Melissa Paulhus, Training Coordinator

Steve McKinlay

“My instructor Kit was a complete professional with his subject. He was personable and encouraged questions – he also constantly asked questions to check for understanding. There was no time spent standing around, and we always knew what our goals were during scenarios. I had a fun experience during my Operations ropes course, and Kit heightened my desire to be a fire fighter.”

Steve McKinlay, Firefighter Candidate

Brad Danielson

“Our instructor was excellent. He obviously knew the material inside and out and could run the class as a set of discussions and ongoing hands-on examples, vs. running off a set of PowerPoint slides. He’s a breathing encyclopedia of Wilderness First Aid, with a lot of first-hand field experience. Raven Rescue has the “wilderness” perspective of First Aid training really dialed in. This did not feel like Standard FA with wilderness considerations thrown in as an add-on – these guys understand and take seriously the type of remote fieldwork that we, geo-scientist types, do in places like the northern territories.”

Brad Danielson, Geoscientist

Katelyn Cooper

“Thanks for your amazing course – I used my training just this past weekend! No one was in the water, but my crew had to secure a vessel that was getting smashed by waves coming in from the Hecate Strait. Had two of us not done our training, I don’t think we would have managed to save our boat from capsizing. The pocket field guide was particularly helpful for reference while in such a stressful situation, and I will always carry that handy book with me on my outings.”

Katelyn Cooper, Fisheries Management Technician