WWTc Flip Line Pocket


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From WWTc, makers of one of our instructors favourite throw bags, comes the flip line pocket. Designed to accompany your throw bag on it’s integral waist belt keeping your rigging gear or flip line close at hand.
The pocket is big enough to fit a Carabiner (Petzl William) and 4m knotted webbing (2.5cm width) OR 2 Carabiners + 2 prussics + 2 small pulleys (Petzl Mini or Rockexotica P21)
• one hand openning
• adjustable on the belt, easy positioning
• right/left and movable forwards and backwords
• separate Carabiner pocket for easy access
• ergonomic/clean design to avoid getting caught
• inside loop to hold Carabiners or Sea kayak Tow


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