WRS Water Rescue Boot

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Product description

The WRS Water Rescue Boot is a feature filled water rescue boot that has been proudly manufactured by Rock Fall exclusively for WRS International.

Packed with technical performance features and has the BOA® Fit System that enables a perfect fit, offers rapid donning and doffing ease, and can easily be operated whilst wearing gloves.

Designed with a bright colourway for under water identification, reflective detail on the tongue and a formed cuff to reduce gravel ingress, it has a 100% non metallic construction, including a fibreglass toecap and composite midsole.

The outsole complex is a nitrile rubber outsole which offers unbelievable traction on slippery terrain, cold insulation, and abrasion resistance whilst providing exceptional shock absorption and weight reduction.

All day comfort comes from an EVA anti-fatigue comfort footbed.

• 100% non metal construction
• Anti static
• Protective Midsole and Toecap
• SDRC Slip Rated
• Washable
• Vegan Friendly


WRS Water Rescue Boot size 10, WRS Water Rescue Boot size 11, WRS Water Rescue Boot size 12, WRS Water Rescue Boot size 13, WRS Water Rescue Boot size 14, WRS Water Rescue Boot size 7, WRS Water Rescue Boot size 8, WRS Water Rescue Boot size 9


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