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Texora TX/L Wire Sling

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Strong, durable, and easy to use, the TX/L Wire Sling is designed for building versatile anchors in rescue and rope access. Rated for a two-person load, the TX/L Wire Sling has an internal core of galvanized steel wire that is looped 12 times to generate a 50 kN MBS (end to end configuration) and make the load bearing elements resistant to heat, abrasion, cuts, and impacts. A polyester sleeve surrounds the wire loops to protect them from damage, make them easy to handle, and prevent them from damaging finished surfaces.

The Wire Sling hybrid construction offers more resistance to mechanical damage than a textile sling yet remains flexible for numerous applications. It is firm and flexible, maintaining its shape when wrapping around overhead structures and getting into hard to reach places. Its high strength opens options for using choker configuration (girth hitch) and the 2mm wire diameter allows the TX/L Wire Sling to be wrapped around low diameter structures without kinking or bending. Lightweight and low volume, these slings have no heavy hardware attached and pack down nicely for transport.

There is a built-in inspection window for checking the internal wire. By rotating the wire cores out of the window and back into the sleeve, a full evaluation can be performed for each strand in the wire loop. It is recommended to follow best practices for inspecting equipment, using edge protection, and placing slings around low diameter structures.

Versatile anchor sling and lanyard for rescue and access
Ultra strong and durable with 50 kN MBS (11,240 LBF)
Rated for a two-person load (CEN TS 16415)
Internal core: 12 loops of galvanized steel wire
External cover: polyester sleeve for added protection
Wire core resists damage from heat, abrasion, cuts, and impacts
Lightweight and low volume with no heavy hardware
Firm and flexible, easy to manipulate for hard to reach places
High strength opens options for choker (girth hitch)
2mm diameter wires can anchor around small structures
Sleeve provides easy handling and protects surfaces
Max temperature rating of 150 deg C (302 deg F)
Built-in inspection window for checking wires
Multicolor design for easy visibility
EN 795:2012 Type B
CEN TS 16415:2013 (2 people)


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