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Ten4Tec Radio Chest Harness


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Ten4Tec Radio Harness

• The adjustable elastic and Velcro strap support a number of different radios. The shoulder strap above the holder has a series of elastic straps to manage the antennae.

• The tool pouch has two pockets secured with water resistant Uretek Zips. The main pocket has interior organizer sleeves for tools and pens. The front pocket is for your phone. The front of the pouch has a Velcro patch and pen sleeve for even more storage.

• The harness is made to create a custom fit and be as comfortable as possible. It is designed to be fit to your body through a one time fitting while also being adjustable on the fly.

• Our harness is made with 420D High Tenacity 66 Nylon made by Cordura Fabrics. Cordura makes some of the best, most durable fabric in the world.

Harness Feature

• The main pocket has interior organizer sleeves for tools and pens, a daisy chain for securing tools on lanyards, a key FOB to secure your keys, a bright interior colour so you can see your gear, and 2 exit ports that support the pathway for your ear piece wire so that you can keep if clear from snagging hazards.

• The front pocket is for your phone

• Both pockets have YKK Water resistant Uretek Zips to protect your equipment.

• The front of the pouch has a Velcro patch for securing identity tags and can work
• for attaching your work gloves if they have a Velcro adjustment strap.

• There is pen sleeve on the front that fits a permanent marker.


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