Tactical Medical Field Guide


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This is the definitive reference field guide for those that provide medical care in a tactical or high threat environment such as SWAT medics, Rescue Task Force team members, and civilian and military medics. Current best practices and guidelines such as MARCH, THREAT, SALT and TECC guidelines and others are included. There are sections devoted to tactical medical equipment, WMD, CBRNE, evacuation and lifts and carries. Included are handy fill in the blank forms for medical threat assessment, SOAP medical documentation, and more. Additionally, this guide covers in great detail many of the far more common, non-life threatening medical conditions that face the tactical medic on a daily basis such as orthopedic injuries, environmental concerns, and common medical problems. The Tactical Medical Field Guide is a must for tactical medical care givers and /or anyone who might be providing emergency medical care in a high threat environment.

145 waterproof, tear resistant pages.


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