Surface Ice Tether Kit – Access

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Designed for accessing surface ice, this kit contains the fundamental tools required for safe travel.
One team member can be sent out wearing an improvised webbing harness, while their shore-based co-worker manages them with the tether kit. The team member on the ice can perform occasional tests with their ice screw, allowing the shore-based member to follow as the conditions are deemed safe.

• 1 Five metre length of webbing
• 1 22 cm Black Diamond ice screw
• Raven Rescue Ice Tether Kit (contains 150 ft of hollow braid rope, with pre-installed ice rescue connection points)

Recommended Additional Options
Make your kit even more versitile with these add-ons:
• Northwater Raven Throwbag
• Reach Pole
• Oceanid RDC
• Additional Ice Screw
• Longer Hollow Braid Rope


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