Surface Ice Kit – Compact

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Designed with field workers in mind.
For accessing surface ice, one worker wears an improvised webbing harness, while their shore-based co-worker manages them on a throwbag tether. The worker will perform tests with their ice screw, allowing the shore-based worker to follow as the conditions are deemed safe.
To use this kit to perform a single-person rescue, wear an improvised webbing harness, and using an ice screw as an anchor for a throwbag tether, a rescuer can then use the two metre piece of webbing to serve as a friction hitch for safe travel along the 3/8″ throwbag line. This system allows the rescuer to reach the victim safely, fit them with an improvised webbing harness, and return to the ice screw anchor to set up their 3:1 haul system.

• 1 CMC large stuff bag
• 1 Northwater Raven 3/8″ SpectrA throwbag
• 1 22 cm Black Diamond ice screw
• 2 Petzl Mini pulleys
• 2 Five metre lengths of webbing
• 1 Two metre length of webbing
• 3 Black Diamond Hot Wire Carabiners


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