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Sterling 1″ Tubular Webbing 300′ spool

From $194.00

Strong and tough. Convenient anchor points for all rescue systems. 1″ tubular nylon webbing.
4,000 lb. tensile strength

Webbing sold by the foot or in spools of 300′.


300ft Spool 1" Tubular Webbing Black, 300ft Spool 1" Tubular Webbing Blue, 300ft Spool 1" Tubular Webbing Green, 300ft Spool 1" Tubular Webbing Red, 300ft Spool 1" Tubular Webbing Safety Yellow, Sterling 1" Tubular webbing Black, Sterling 1" Tubular webbing Blue, Sterling 1" Tubular webbing Green, Sterling 1" Tubular webbing per ft, Sterling 1" Tubular webbing Red, Sterling 1" Tubular webbing Yellow, Tubular Webbing 300' Spool Black, Tubular Webbing 300' Spool Blue, Tubular Webbing 300' Spool Green, Tubular Webbing 300' Spool Red, Tubular Webbing 300' Spool Yellow


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