Small Boat Wrap Kit

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In a nutshell, these kits are simple haul systems that provide the mechanical advantage necessary to move heavy equipment such as a boat wrapped around a rock, pinned under a tree, or stuck on a sandbar. They can also be used to set up tension diagonals or zip lines to move people and equipment from one side of the river to the other. We teach clients to rig these simple systems on our swiftwater, ice rescue, and rope rescue courses.
Kit includes:
• 4 Petzl William Screw Gate Carabiner
• 3 Petzl Mini Pulleys
• 2 Sterling Hollow Block Sewn Prusik
• 1 five metre length of webbing
• 1 Northwater Pro 1/4″ Spectra Throwbag
The entire kit is packaged in a large CMC stuff bag.


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