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SKED Basic Rescue System With Cobra Buckles


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Skedco now offers the patented AustriAlpin Cobra™ quick-release buckles on the Sked® stretcher. These aluminum side-release buckles are strong enough to meet the needs of securing a patient into a Sked stretcher without the danger of breakage. With the Cobra buckle system, you no longer have to weave the webbing through the buckles when packaging a patient, getting it done faster than when using steel buckles.

Compact storage, ease of use, and flexibility in means of transport have made Skedco’s Sked stretcher popular with fire departments, rescue squads, industrial response teams, and ski patrols. Made from a heavy sheet of special plastic, the stretcher becomes rigid when folded around your patient. The system comes complete with the stretcher, Cordura® nylon backpack/towing harness, two straps, horizontal lift slings, vertical lift sling, one large steel carabiner, and four removable web handles. The Sked storage bag is 36 inches (91 cm) long by 9 inches (23 cm) in diameter.


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