RQ3 Picket System


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The RQ3 Picket System includes:
3 – RQ3 Cliff Pickets
1 – RQ3 Picket Anchor Plate
1 – RQ3 Picket Driver and Case

When there are no rocks, trees or man-made anchors, pickets are a must for your rescue cache.. Made from 1-inch DOM steel tubes, cut to lengths then hand-sanded and de-burred these pickets are capable of handling thousands of pounds.

The Anchor plate produces a reliable mode for attaching your systems. It provides optimum spacing for the pickets and eliminates the need to use webbing to tie one picket to another. It features five picket holes, one anchor attachment point, and one raised end for easy access to webbing and anchor attachment points.

The Picket Driver is made of case-hardened steel and the handles are TIG-welded for strength and for an extended life.

The case has Cam-Lock buckles to secure the system and a nylon strap with rubber pad to wear the system over shoulder or across the body. (The driver is carried separately and does not secure into the case)


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