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Ramfan Intrinsically Safe Blower/Exhauster

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Designed to meet the challenges of hazardous atmospheres, the RAMFAN UB20xx 8-inch (20 cm) blower/exhauster comes with a 1/3-hp, 115 VAC motor, a Totally Enclosed Hazardous Location Motor rated TEAO X-Proof, with the enclosures rated XPAO. The glass-reinforced, carbon-filled housing is antistatic. The 25-foot (7.6 m) duct and its Quick-Couple™ Canister, which connects to either end of the fan, are both anti-static. Stock fans are available with a standard three-prong plug or a Killark 125 VAC 60 Hz Explosion Proof plug, which can be plugged into a 115 VAC outlet (U.S. only). Other types of plugs are available by special order.

The RAMFAN Intrinsically Safe Blower/Exhauster may be used in environments containing hazardous gases or vapors and/or dust. However, it is the user’s responsibility to know the classification of the location or environment and to determine whether or not the fan is safe to use under the actual circumstances.


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