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Petzl OK Carabiner

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Detailed description
Symmetrical oval shape allows optimal loading of devices with a wide section, such as pulleys, ascenders and progress capture pulleys
Facilitates manipulations:
– fluid interior design limits the risk of having a catch point and facilitates rotation of the carabiner
– Keylock system to avoid any involuntary snagging of the carabiner
– the H-profile contributes to better grip, protects the markings from abrasion and reduces weight
Available in three different locking systems:
– SCREW-LOCK: easy-to-open system, locking or not, according to the need of the user. The red band provides a visual warning when the carabiner is unlocked. This system is suitable for difficult environments where contaminants (mud, ice) could cause an automatic locking system to jam.
– TRIACT-LOCK: automatic locking system designed for frequent manipulation. Triple-action opening by raising and turning the sleeve, then pressing on the gate.
– BALL-LOCK: automatic locking system designed for frequent manipulation, with lock indicator. Triple-action opening by pressing on the green indicator, turning the sleeve, then pressing on the gate. The green button indicates when the gate is locked.
Material(s): aluminum
Certification(s): CE EN 12275, UIAA


Petzl OK Carabiner Screw Lock, Petzl OK Carabiner Triact Lock


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