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Petzl Caritool

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Harness tool holder.

Increase your gear carrying options with the CARITOOL. A great accessory for mountaineering, ice climbing and long routes, it allows quick access and organization of ice screws, pitons, nuts… Will also allow for quick storage/holstering of ice tools. Compatible with the slots on most Petzl harnesses and also attaches to the webbing waist belts of other harnesses.

Detailed description
Lightweight, durable and stable
Nose on top rail allows the user to stack gear on top while gaining access to screws, nuts, or other gear when the CARITOOL is loaded with multiple pieces.

Small upper hole for attaching a keeper cord for tools to avoid losing them.

Will also allow for quick storage/holstering of ice tools

Warning, the CARITOOL is not PPE. It can only hold the weight of gear up to 5 kg.

Material(s): stainless steel gate, glass fiber reinforced plastic frame


Petzl Caritool Large, Petzl Caritool Small


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