NRS Wingman Knife


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The NRS Wingman Knife’s flip-out blade fulfills your need for speed. Its safety features help you break out of the danger zone and a handy bottle opener makes sure you’ll never fly solo again.

• Easily deployable one hand flip-open blade for when you feel the need. The need for speed.
• Knife has a blunt tip and both smooth and serrated blade sections. The blade locks open for safety and the handle has a blunt glass-breaking tip ensuring you’ll be able to get yourself out of any danger zone.
• Removable spring steel clip is always ready for action when secured to a belt or lash tab.
• Reversible stainless clip attaches to lash tab and lets right and left handers operate it smoothly. When removing the clip and reinstalling it on the other side of the sheath, we recommend applying Loctite® or other threadlocker to the screws to prevent loosening.
• Did we mention the bottle opener? We added that little extra to make sure you never, never leave your wingman.


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