NRS Rescue Board


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Lightweight, rigid and constructed for backcountry durability, the NRS Rescue Board is designed to meet the most demanding needs of swiftwater rescue professionals.
Drop-stitch construction allows the board to be inflated up to 20 psi, rivaling a foam or composite board in rigidity but easily folds for compact transport and storage.
A Leafield A6 Pressure Relief Valve engages at 20 psi, protecting the board from damages caused by over-inflation.
The relief valve is screen protected to prevent river debris from entering and damaging the valve.
A grooved and textured deck pad plus two padded handles help the rescuer maintain board control in rougher conditions.
Four additional handles on the sides offer rescue victim support.
Two reinforced 1.5″ stainless D-rings on the sides of the bow are built to handle the strain of towing and lowering.
Hi-vis color and large “RESCUE” lettering improves the board’s visibility on the water.
Includes NRS Super 2 HP Pump and repair kit.


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