NRS Raft Cargo Net

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Our cargo net is one of the most versatile rafting accessories on the river. It can be secured over the top of your load to keep gear in the boat, or hung between two crossbars to create a cradle for loose gear.

Built with a border of 2″ webbing for strength and strap-on points for securing miscellaneous gear.

Sizes: Small: 60″ x 80″ and Large: 70″ x 90″

The large sized nets are for ideal for boats 16 feet or longer

The Cargo Nets come with or without straps. The Straps Included option comes with nine 4′ black straps.


NRS Raft Cargo Net, Large, no straps, NRS Raft Cargo Net, Large, w/straps, NRS Raft Cargo Net, Small, no straps, NRS Raft Cargo Net, Small, w/straps


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