NRS Pilot SAR Knife

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The NRS Pilot SAR Knife adapts the reliable performance of our Pilot series to the demands of swiftwater and rescue professionals. Trust the Pilot SAR when the situation calls for quick thinking and quicker reactions, even in gloved hands and inclement conditions. The addition of a glass-breaking tip expands its use in rescue or survival emergencies.

• The low-profile, quick-release Thumbs Up Sheath™ uses a living hinge to stash fixed blades away securely and releases with a one-handed flick of the thumb.
• Sheath attaches firmly to a PFD lash tab.
• The partially serrated edge covers all your cutting needs. The ‘reverse scallop’ serrations facilitate severing tough fibers.
• Tungsten carbide glass breaker embedded in the handle tip.
• Features an oxygen tank valve wrench in the center of the handle.
• Lanyard attachment point at the tip of the handle gives boaters the option to further safeguard against losing the knife in rough waters when attached to the lash tab.
• An asymmetrical handle and blade, along with the blunt tip, ensure proper blade orientation and help prevent injury in a tight rescue situation.
• Jimping along the top of the blade edge secures thumb placement and prevents grip slippage.
• All weather G10 handle with hand contouring and comfortable grip deliver maximum blade control in wet environments.


NRS Pilot SAR Knife, NRS Pilot SAR Knife – Black, NRS Pilot SAR Knife – Red, NRS Pilot SAR Knife – Safety Yellow


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