NRS HydroSkin 0.5 Helmet Liner

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Science may have debunked the myth that we lose heat through our head, but no one can deny the next-level comfort that the NRS Hydroskin 0.5 Helmet Liner provides when the wind is cold and the water is colder.
0.5 mm of neoprene insulation for added warmth under a helmet.
Premium nylon-spandex exterior sheds water and provides optimal stretch.
Soft, smooth and hydrophobic interior provides insane next-to-skin comfort.
Titanium-laminate adhesive reflects and retains body heat for superior warmth.
Durable Water Repellant (DWR) treatment helps shed water preventing evaporative cooling.


NRS HydroSkin 0.5 Helmet Liner L, NRS HydroSkin 0.5 Helmet Liner M, NRS HydroSkin 0.5 Helmet Liner S


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