NRS Guardian Wedge Waist Throwbag


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Conveniently worn around your waist, the Guardian Waist Throw Bag is always at your fingertips, whether you’re in your boat or scouting a rapid.
A waist bag with quick-release belt holds a compact, removable throw bag.
The outer bag has a wide hook-and-loop flap and a zipper to facilitate removing the inner bag. Drainage holes in the bag expel water quickly.
Removable Wedge Throw Bag has foam flotation to keep it on top of the water, mesh sides for drainage and drying, and reflective taping for increased visibility.
Throw bag contains 55 feet of 1/4″ polypropylene rope, with a maximum tensile strength of 950 pounds.
A quick-release buckle on the adjustable waist belt ensures safe exit in an emergency.
The internal throw bag comes completely free from the waist belt.
Webbing loops along the belt allow you to attach carabiners.


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