NRS 5″ Barrel Pump


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Commercial outfitters swear that NRS Barrel pumps are built to last, get wet, and get used.

 The NRS Barrel pump combines a wide base for sure footing while inflating a raft.
 The 6.5′ flexible hose tucks into the webbing carry handle for storing on your raft.
 This 5″ diameter pump stands 2.5′ high and has a stroke volume of 2.03 Gal (7.7 liters).
 This hand pump does not have a check valve. A check valve is necessary on military valves that don’t have a one-way inflation feature.
 There is a spare O-ring gasket in the bottom of the pump cylinder. If you need to re-lubricate the pump, we recommend lithium grease.
 5-year warranty.


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