NRS 1.5″ HD Straps 20′


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Available by the pair in lengths 3’, 4’, 6’ 9’ 12’ 15’ and 20’. Asks us if you don’t see what you want here.

There’s no such thing as overkill when it comes to securing unruly loads on your truck, trailer, boat or ATV.

The NRS 1.5″ Strap delivers an extraordinary 2,000 lb. Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) to take the worry out of any tie-down job.

Born on the river in 1978 for tying down gear on whitewater rafts, NRS Straps are known the world over for their strength, dependability and incredible usefulness.

Clunky, complicated ratchet straps and cheap imitations can’t compete with the one-and-only NRS Strap.

We build NRS Straps with UV-protected polypropylene webbing that won’t stretch when wet.

Our time-tested cam buckle features two strong stainless-steel springs for a burly bite that won’t ever slip.

The only problem with NRS Straps is that friends like to borrow them. A name-and-contact label near the buckle helps them find their way home.


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