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Notch Pro Access Bag 60 L


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Looking for a gear bag or rope bag that not only holds your tools, but helps you stay organized? The Notch Pro Access Bag was designed and built specifically to provide you with multiple options to stay organized so you know exactly where your gear is. The bag can be loaded from the top or opened and loaded on the front, making every piece of kit you have easily accessible.


The Notch Pro Access Bag isn’t just another kind of gear bag, it’s a completely new innovation on carrying and organizing your arborist gear. Wear your bag like a comfortable backpack out to the jobsite, through the woods, or up a mountain, and then access your gear either as a normal backpack, or open it and lay it out like a tarp to get to all of your gear at once. The interior daisy chains and 4 heavy-duty mesh pockets let you organize your small devices for easy access when you fill the cavernous 60 liter bag. The non-slip textured bottom is stiff for comfort while backpacking and the top hood prevents woodchips and rain from intruding into your stuff.


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