North Water Wedge Throw Bag

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The professionals choice. Designed to be accurate, rugged and reliable. Easily match user requirements with Small and Large bags to handle various Tensile strengths and Lengths of rope.

See Specs below for complete details.

800 lb. and 1800 lb. tensile polypropylene floating rope
2100 lb. and 3200 lb. high tensile SpectrX floating rope
Polypro & SpectrX have 70′ length for 1/4″ and 3/8″ diameters
SpectrX 2100 Large is the only 100′
High Tenacity Pack Cloth Bag for Long Life
Sewn in Flotation Makes Stuffing a Breeze
Aerodynamic Shape Throws Like a Dream
Belt Loops For Easy Waist Belt Deployment from
Quick Draw Belt
Double Draw Belt
ESD Belt


North Water Wedge Throw Line, 100' of 1/4" SpecX, North Water Wedge, 100' of 1/4" SpecX, North Water Wedge, 60' x 1/4” SpectrX, North Water Wedge, 60' x 3/8” SpectrX, North Water Wedge, 70' x 1/4+” Polypro, North Water Wedge, 70' x 3/8” Polypro


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