North Water Pig Tail

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Get boats and swimmers to shore with a tubular webbing bungy tow that extends from 24″ – 40″.

The stainless steel D-ring attaches to a QR Belt on the back of a PFD.

The carabiner clips to the front of the PFD for quick access. In a pinned or broached situation, a Pig Tail can be helpful.

Once a throw bag is thrown to the victim, they can often help in their own extrication by clipping the end of the line into the Pig Tail’s carabiner. Giving the rescuer a line to the back of the victim’s PFD can greatly increases the options in how to carry out the rescue.


North Water Pig Tail, Wire Gate Paddle Carabiner, Black, North Water Pig Tail, Wire Gate Paddle Carabiner, Red, Pig Tail – Keyhole Carabiner, (22kN), Black, Pig Tail – Keyhole Carabiner, (22kN), Red


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