Mustang MRV150 02 Swiftwater Rescue Vest


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THE INDUSTRY-LEADING UNIVERSAL PFD FOR SWIFT WATER RESCUE HAS BEEN UPDATED The MRV150v02 has been developed with ongoing feedback from the water rescue community and has been designed specifically to meet the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs of rescue professionals facing the challenges of swift water. With an easy to adjust donning system and layered flotation foam, this vest provides a comfortable and secure fit, which improves operational performance both in and out of the water.
• Approval: NFPA 1952 compliant
• 25 lb (111 N) Buoyancy
• Fluorescent yellow-green accents for improved visibility
• MOLLE webbing on both shoulders, pockets and back
• Velcro® panel on the back for attaching ID patches.
• Two large self-draining deep pockets provide ample storage and to hold radios
• 500 Denier, Cordura® outer shell with high visibility accents
• Over 62 sq.in. of SOLAS™ tape
• D ring


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