Mustang MIT 70 Inflatable PFD Automatic (MD4032) Admiral Grey


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This front entry automatic inflatable PFD is the smallest of its kind approved in North America and is an excellent choice for inshore marine adventures. The exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (MIT) creates lightweight and flexible comfort, and the inflator is easily accessible for convenient rearming. The vest inflates automatically upon water immersion and also includes a pull cord for manual inflation at any time. When deployed, the vest displays high visibility contrasting fabric for increased safety in rescue situations. The MIT 70 Automatic Inflatable PFD provides 15.7 lbs of buoyancy.

Front entry with buckle for convenient donning and doffing
Exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (MIT) creates a lightweight, flexible fit
Easy-access inflator for convenient re-arming
Automatically inflates upon water immersion
Manual inflation handle allows you to inflate the vest at any time
High visibility, contrasting fabric when inflated for increased safety in rescue scenarios
Provides 15.7 LBS of buoyancy when inflated
Approval: Harmonized Level 70 – USA and Canada (Meets minimum buoyancy of 15.7 LBS)

Compatible with Re-arm Kit H (model #MA4031)
Compatible with 1.5” belt extender (Model # MA7637)


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