Mustang Essentialist Belt Pack

From $184.99

Don’t want anything getting in the way of your paddle stroke? This inflatable belt pack with strategic storage and 18.9 lbs of buoyancy has you covered for inshore explorations.



  • 3D breathable mesh liner
  • Manual inflation cord allows users to inflate the vest at any time
  • Pillow style bladder is simple to repack
  • Two zippered pockets and a mesh stash pocket with key loop for storing essentials


  • Ideal for Paddling
  • 3D mesh liner
  • Weight 0.88lbs.
  • Bouyancy 18.9lbs.
  • Harmonized Level 70
  • Manual Inflation
  • Halkey Roberts Inflator
  • Re-Ar Kit J (MA3070)
  • Belt Extender sold separately (1.5” MA7637)



Mustang Essentialist Belt Pack, Admiral Gray, Mustang Essentialist Belt Pack, Red


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