Kokatat Meridian Dry Suit (Gore-Tex Pro) Women’s

From $1,860.00

Kokatat’s highly regarded Meridian Dry Suit is the definitive whitewater and sea kayaking dry suit. 2021 updates include the GORE-TEX PRO fabric that makes a lighter, more rugged and durable suit, a double zipper entry flap to keep water out of your boat, new streamlined patterning on the legs for comfort and mobility and new drop seat routing that reduces interference with boat outfitting, a dropseat zipper flap, dual adjustable Ariaprene overskirt and GORE-TEX PRO socks. The suit still features a zippered chest pocket, latex gaskets with neoprene punch through over cuffs. A limited lifetime warranty and Kokatat’s custom sizing and option program ensures completely dry comfort for the life of the garment.

Also available in Ice Blue.


Kokatat Goretex Meridian W Large, Kokatat Goretex Meridian W Medium, Kokatat Goretex Meridian W Small, Kokatat Goretex Meridian W XL-Short


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