K Pump 40 HP


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The K-Pump K-40 Hand Pump is the “little brother” of the K-400. Same great two-stage design, with both high-volume and high-pressure modes. More compact and easy to stow where space is limited.
The K-40 is the ideal choice for smaller boats – IKs, kickboats, etc.
Only 24″ in length, 4″ in diameter and 3 pounds in weight, it stows compactly.
When the pressure in the chamber increases and pumping starts to become difficult, a simple twist of the handle locks out the high-volume primary stage and locks in the high-pressure “top-off” stage.
Ergonomic design is comfortable to use, even with extended use.
NOTE This pump comes with a check valve which allow you to use it to inflate military valves and the conical adapter that most air mattresses and pool toys require.
An Oregon family of whitewater boaters and fishermen designs these quality hand pumps. Assembled in a workshop facility for people with developmental disabilities.


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