Ice Rescue Tether Kit

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Designed to give rescuers an option that they can use continually during cold, water-based rescues, the Raven Rescue Ice Rescue Kit is a what your emergency response team has been looking for.

The Kit features 150′ of hollow braid rope, which is the rope of choice for ice rescue training since it remains pliable when wet.

You’ll still be able to use this rope with pulleys and prusiks, even at the end of a long day of working on the ice! All tie-ins are built-in, and simple to use, and everything is stored within a rugged, yellow, rope bag. Best suited for emergency response teams (fire departments, mine rescue teams, etc…) with the ability to bring bigger resources to the rescue scene.

Custom rope lengths are available.

Kit contains CMC rope bag, 150′ hollow braid rope and connectors.


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