Kokatat HustleR Rescue Vest

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IMPORTANT: This life vest is only available in UL (US Coast Guard) certification on the website. UL life vest is not certified for use in Canada. This vest is not ULC (transport Canada) certified at this time. The HustleR features a quick release chest harness, D-ring attachment for standard cow tail or Touring Tow Tether, a sleeve designed to fit Kokatat’s River Tow Tether and a covered front lash tab for rescue knife. The large, extra-deep clamshell front pocket with two way zipper allows for internal organization. Covered in Rugged 500D Cordura, two stacked and sculpted pre-curved foam panels wrap and float around the torso to allow optimal fit on varied torso sizes. It has a pull over design with adjustable shoulders and three side adjustments for a secure fit.

Available in Mantis or Black


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are certifications valid?

Certifications is valid for three years from date of issue. We offer discounted rates for re-certification as long as your certification is still valid when you register.

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