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Harken Industrial Wingman


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Harken’s new WingMan applies new design and technology to achieve more from a compact personal mechanical advantage system. WingMan’s innovative design makes it among the first offerings in this category to achieve internal progress capture mechanically within the unit rather than relying on prusiks to achieve that externally. WingMan combines a ratcheting sheave to stop the rope with a composite handle or wing that the operator can open and close under load for a well-modulated ‘fine-tuned’ release. Under a full load, even with the sheaves pulled completely together, the system can be released quite easily – with full control using one hand on the wing and the other tending the line.

The WingMan has a minimum overall length of just 8 inches which means more clearance under a tripod and more throw during a pick-off. The device is also ideal for creating adjustable directionals, work positioning and much more. It may be configured as a 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage system. These revolutionary features, plus ball bearings within the sheaves that maximize efficiency for raising and lowering loads of up to 681 lbs, makes WingMan a simple tool you will always want at your side. Comes in an industrial-grade ballistic nylon carrying bag with locking buckle. The bag includes drawstring and drain grommets to separate unit and line for proper deployment and line drying.


The WingMan is a mechanical-advantage device for load lifting and releasing. It is used in a fall protection or work at height system. It is intended for work at height, access, and rescue use. It can be used for human suspension for up to a 3 kN load. The WingMan consists of two swivel pulleys and a manufacturer supplied rope. One pulley is a double with a becket to dead end the rope. The other pulley is a double with a ratchet and cammed sheave with a releasing handle allowing gradual release of the mechanical advantage system under load. The releasing handle is located at the operator end. Anodized aluminum is used throughout the pulleys. The handle is glass reinforced nylon. The rope is an 8 mm static polyester with a sewn termination and is not to be substituted. Pulleys have stainless steel axles and fasteners. The ratchet mechanism is stainless steel.


• Internal ratchet and sheaves engineered to maximize rope holding
• Eccentric progress capture = no prussiks
• 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage (flip orientation to rig either way)
• Can be released smoothly under full load with one hand
• High efficiency ball bearing pulleys and audible progress capture
• Machined aluminum swivel connection points fit multiple connectors
• Compact, lightweight form factor with 8 inch compressed length
• 15 m (49 ft) 8mm low elongation HTP rope allows for 3.7 m (12 ft) system extension
• Comes in an industrial-grade ballistic nylon carrying bag with locking buckle


• Max Working Load: 3 kN (674 lb)
• Slip Load: 4 kN (900 lb)
• Min Breaking Strength: 45 kN (10,116 lb)


o Meets the manufactured system requirements of NFPA 1983, incorporated in the 2022 edition of NFPA 2500.
o General Use.
• CE
o H-86666 is CE certified to EN12278.2007 Mountaineering Equipment- Pulley
o H-86666 is UKCA certified to EN12278.2007 Mountaineering Equipment- Pulley
• Please see the user manual for additional information regarding these certifications.


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