Gear Aid Zipper Lubricant


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Maintain and protect the zippers in your high-tech gear with Gear Aid Zipper Lubricant Stick, an easy to use, soft-wax formula that prevents damage to the teeth of your zipper.
High-performance lubricant works on waterproof zippers in wetsuits, dry suits and other technical outerwear.
Provides an even layer of protection against salt, chlorine, rust and corrosion.
Lubricates the zipper’s teeth to repel dirt, sand and organic residues and prevent your zipper from getting stuck.
Provides UV protection for nylon and plastic zippers.
Lubricant stick is non-toxic, biodegradable and contains no silicone or paraffin.
To use: open the zipper, exposing the exterior of the teeth, rub the Zipper Lubricant Stick across both edges of the zipper, open and close the zipper a few times to spread the wax along the zipper.


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