Extremity Vacuum Splint Set (EVS)


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The Deluxe Extremity Splints are made with the new patented “Multi-Chamber System” and are easy to use: rather than the beads all collecting one side of the device, they are instead distributed equally within a 4-5 chamber system. The system allows the beads to occasionally shift slightly. A quick shake will spread the beads evenly before placing any of the splints on the patient.

All Med Tech Sweden vacuum products are X-Ray translucent, and can be X-Rayed without having to remove any of the splints.


You do not need to take any cloths or clothes off when applying a splint. The Vacuumy Splints work fine with, or without clothes. Make sure the valve on the splints are tightly closed before sucking the air out.

If you are using the Vacuum Splints in conjuction with a Vacuum Spine Board, Vacuum Immobilizer, or any other fully-body immobilization device, apply the Splint(s) onto the patient before placing them inside of the immobilization device.

Put the Vacuum Splint around the suspected injury by folding it around the patients leg or arm being careful enough as to avoid moving the patients extremity as much as possible. Next, fasten the splint using the attached velcro.

Attach the provided Med Tech Sweden pump to the valve and begin sucking the air out until the Vacuum Extremity Splint becomes rigid. Keep Pumping until you cannot get any more air out; you can never pump too much, but nyou can pump too little. WIth the air out, open up the Velcro to readjust it it’s fitting around the patient for a snug fit.

The Patients extremity is now immobilized. As already mentioned, the splints are X-Ray translucent. This means the patient can be X-Rayed without having to remove the Splint or the patients injured leg or arm.

To Remove the Splints – open the velcro straps then open the valve slowly to let air back into the Splint. You only need to open the valve about four turns. To prevent losing the valve, do not remove the valve nozzel entirely. Removing the valve is never necessary unless you are replacing it.

Kit includes splints for wrist/ankle, arm and leg, small hand pump, suction adapter and carrying bag.


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