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CMC Rescue Arizona Vortex Kit

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Named for its origin in the rugged Red Rock highlands of northern Arizona, the Arizona Vortex Kit is a unique multipod that was created from years of experimental development. The Vortex represents the pinnacle of at-the-edge frames. The recently improved Vortex Bag System allows a single rope technician to carry the entire Vortex Kit using our RigTech Pack™ and 2 redesigned Leg Bags.

The Arizona Vortex Kit comes complete with:

2-Piece Head Set
Head Set Pulley Wheel
Head Pins (4)
Inner Legs (3)
Outer Legs (7)
Leg/Foot Pins (17)
Flat (Omni) Feet (3)
Raptor (Claw) Feet (3)
Orange Pin Flags (21)
Adjustable Hobble Straps (3)
8mm Tether Cord (40ft)
User Manual
Vortex Bag System
RigTech Pack™
Leg Bags with Shoulder Straps (2)
Foot Set Sleeves (2)
Pin Storage Bag
Vortex Bag System

Min Height: 9 ft
Max Height (with additional legs): 12 ft
Weight (with both foot sets): 72 lb
Certification: Classified to NFPA 1983 (2017 ED) – General Use
MBS: 36 kN (8,093 lbf)


Arizona Vortex Flat Feet, set of 3, Arizona Vortex Flat Feet, single, Arizona Vortex Hobble Strap, CMC Rescue Arizona Vortex Kit


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