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CMC Aztek Pro-Series System


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As one of the most versatile tools in rope rescue, the CMC AZTEK ProSeries System reflects our philosophy of keeping rigging equipment simple, efficient, light, compact, and multi-purpose. Originally developed by Reed Thorne of Arizona-based Ropes That Rescue, the AZTEK (Arizona Technician’s Edge Kit) is used worldwide and offers more than 100 rigging solutions in a single bag.

This system now includes an updated AZTEK ProSeries Pack that has improved fabric durability, new reflective piping, and a fresh OD Green color. The pack is feature rich with 1000D nylon/Tarpaulin construction for abrasion resistance, mesh panel for ventilation and drying, Garage Pockets™ to protect cord, double-zippered top compartments, and tension lock buckles for carrying on the waist or thigh.

Quickly adjusts litter attendant position
High angle litter scoops
Solo pick-off
Easily pass knots
Correct disoriented equipment under load
Effortlessly transfer loads
Promptly establish dynamic fixed brakes


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