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ARS Multi Loop Rescue Strap W/ Carabiner


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The Multi-Loop Rescue Strap is an innovative product for rapidly harnessing victims in high stress environments. The simple design has been developed with great attention to detail, every feature fine tuned to meet the needs of rescuers working in low visibility, low dexterity and high stress. When you need to get them out fast, choose the ARS Multi-Loop Rescue Strap.

Specifications and Features

-One continuous loop of one inch tubular webbing

-7 feet in length

-11 individual loops

-Reinforced end loops for tool orientation and easy handling

-Integrated central rigging ring or carabiner

-Compact size allows strap to be carried in the rescuer’s pocket

MLRS Breaking Strengths:

-Basket (12,600 lbf)

-Ring/Inverted U (6,100 lbf)

-Choker (4,800 lbf)

-Pocket Choker (2,100 lbf)

-Pocket (1,100 lbf)


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