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Aquapac Small VHF Classic – 228


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Today’s smaller electronics need smaller dry bags. Aquapac’s Small VHF Classic fits a range of smaller hand held VHF radio handsets, offering waterproof usability under any conditions.
Guaranteed 100% waterproof in all weather conditions and up to 30 ft/10m under water.
Use your VHF radio handset normally in the case – sound passes straight through the urethane material.
Clear window on either side lets you easily read displays on radios with right or left mounted antennas.
Airtight seal means the radio will float safely in the water.
It fits up to 7.7″ circumference radio bodies and approximately 13″ total length of handset.
The small case will fit all modern VHF radios. See the Large VHF case for satellite phones and radios with really long antennas.


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