Aqualung Evo 4 Boot

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The EVO4 is the next generation of the military-proven EVO3. It is a mid-height lace up boot with a renowned Vibram® Megagrip sole providing unparalleled traction and durability.

• Mid-height
• Lace pocket
• Ankle support
• Renowned Vibram® Megagrip sole
• Thumb loop / donning aide
• Fin Keeper / doffing aide
• Low profile design allowing more fin choices
• Simple, quick, and easy lace up system
• Velcro plush heal works similar to Fusion boot for attaching to Fusion drysuit
• Ships in shoe box


Aqualung Evo 4 Boot size 10, Aqualung Evo 4 Boot size 11, Aqualung Evo 4 Boot size 12, Aqualung Evo 4 Boot size 9


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