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11mm PMI Extreme Pro G


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PMI® Extreme Pro™ (G) Rope with Unicore® technology is the ultimate polyester kernmantle rope. Unicore® technology creates the ultimate bond between sheath and core. This bond ensures sheath slippage is nearly zero, even when the sheath is entirely cut circumferentially. Typically when such sheath damage occurs, the sheath bunches below the damaged area entrapping the technician either above or below the damage site. This rope allows the technician to pass either a cut or torn sheath area, whether descending or ascending, since the sheath cannot bunch to create an impasse.
If you’d like to add sewn terminations please add 11mm Compact Sewn Termination Extreme Pro Rope to your cart.
Key features:
• Unicore® technology
• Nearly zero sheath slippage
• Sheath – 100% Polyester
• Core – 100% Nylon 6.6
• High Strength: weight ratio
• Easy to handle


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