Is my 80-hour first aid course equivalent?

Your current 80-hour first aid course may be equivalent to those offered by Raven Medical, which means you could easily transition from your past provider to Raven Medical.

We allow students to recert their WFR certifications with our Raven Medical courses if they hold current 80-hour courses from any one of the following companies:

  • Slipstream
  • Rocky Mt Adventure Medicine
  • Wilderness Medical Consultants
  • Wilderness Medical Associates
  • PEAK
  • Solo
  • NOLS Wilderness Medicine (previously Wilderness Medical Institute)
  • Sirius
  • Canadian Wilderness Medical Training  
  • Remote Medicine International

Coming from the Red Cross Wilderness program?  Give us a call to discuss your eligibility to recertify into our 80-hour first aid course – learn more about training with us.

Hypo wraps: one of the many skills taught during our 80-hour first aid course