Your Basic Rope Rescue Gear Checklist

If your team responds to over-the-bank rescues, this basic rope rescue gear checklist outlines what you need for efficient and effective rescues.

Raven offers a 2.5 day roadside rescue course, specifically designed for departments and teams that perform rescues from vehicles that have gone over low or steep angle embankments.

While this specialized training doesn’t create advanced rope rescue technicians with all manner of tricks up their sleeves, it does create team members that are exceptionally skilled at responding to an MVI callout that is tragically all to common.

Roadside rescue teams can build gear caches tailored to the unique nature of these callouts. We connected with Raven Rescue technical rope Instructor Trainer, Todd Sikorsky, to learn more about putting together a basic rope rescue gear gear checklist for roadside rescues.

What’s In A Rope Rescue Gear Cache?

Built around a team of 4, the basic version of the roadside rescue equipment cache is designed to prepare a team to perform a rescue in low angle terrain. Everything you’ll need for a dual capability twin tensioned rope system can be found in the BASIC list below.

What changes with the ADVANCED list?  Equipment in an advanced roadside rescue cache will prepare technicians to perform rescues in steep angle (30-50 degreers +) terrain.

Even teams on a tight budget will find these BASIC or ADVANCED kit lists attainable for their caches.  In addition, the 2.5 day Roadside Rescue course is a feasible training choice for volunteer departments.  

Preparing for efficient roadside rescues is within the grasp of every team who faces over the bank MVI calls in their response zone.

Basic Rope Rescue Gear Checklist

  • 2 – 60m 11mm ropes
  • 2 – decent control devices (auto lock) like Petzel ID, Petzle Maestro, CMC Clutch or MPD
  • 2 – Rock Exotica Double Omni Block pulleys
  • 2 – Rock Exotica Single Omni Block pulleys
  • 2 – 4’x4′ canvas tarp
  • 2 – Hard Edge protection SMC tracker or Conterra Rollers
  • 2 – Conterra rigging plate (if truck equipped with rescue side anchors)
  • 4 – Class 3 Harnesses
  • 4 – Helmets
  • 4 – Gloves
  • 1 – Stokes basket
  • 25mm webbing for rigging or hasty harness
  • Conterra rigging Guide

Advanced Rope Rescue Gear Checklist

  • High Directional Vortex or Terra adapter
  • 2 – Aztek Kits
  • 1 – back board, vacuum mattress or scoop
  • 4 – Rock Exotica Single Omni Block pulleys for directionals
  • Patient class 3 harness
  • Patient helmet
Roadside rescue gear cache considerations