Top Must-Have Gear For Boat Operators

If you use a boat for rescue or work, check out these must-have pieces of gear for boat operators.

Reach N Rescue Pole

The RRP accurately delivers rescue and flotation devices directly to a subject. A quick connect detachable carabiner (Carago) is available to facilitate rescue at heights of suspended victims in harnesses, making the Reach and Rescue Pole Kits a versatile multipurpose piece of rescue equipment.

North Water Raven Throwbag

North Water and Raven combined forces to produce this aerodynamic throwbag – welcome to the world, North Water Raven!  Available in 3/8″ (large bag) or 1/4″ (small bag).

NRS Maverik Glove

The NRS Maverick Glove stands high above its peers. Warm, waterproof and flexible with an innovative HydroCuff™ that helps keep water out and your warmth in, the Maverick is definitely a cut above. The raw neoprene palm gives you awesome gripping ability while the raw neoprene back sheds water, greatly reducing evaporative cooling.

Large Boat Wrap Kit

In a nutshell, these kits are simple haul systems that provide the mechanical advantage necessary to move heavy equipment such as a boat wrapped around a rock, pinned under a tree, or stuck on a sandbar. They can also be used to set up tension diagonals or zip lines to move people and equipment from one side of the river to the other. We teach clients to rig these simple systems on our swiftwater, ice rescue, and rope rescue courses.


The NRS Zen Rescue Life Jacket is a great choice for paddlers and guides who want a great fitting, comfortable PFD with swiftwater rescue features like a quick-release belt. A type V PFD, this jacket is based on the popular NRS Ninja Life Jacket and has 17.5 pounds of PVC-free flotation. It is so low profile and comfortable you’ll forget you have it on, until you need it!