Take Swiftwater Training To The Next Level

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 1 has become the best practice course for workers entering moving water in resource, industry, emergency response and outdoor adventure.  Many of our clients have been recertifying their SRT1 every three years for quite some time, and the time comes when they start asking about options for a Swiftwater training upgrade.

SRT1 is not the end of the road – there is a span of training available to expand operational ranges and deepen specialized knowledge.

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced training is a natural progression for many individuals. Two versions of this course exist.

Both versions (Water, and Water + Rope) deliver three days that will expand your SRT1 training into the demanding realm of extreme whitewater and night operations. Rescue swimming, and non-motorized boat handling skills required for “go” rescues in Class III+ swiftwater are covered as well.

Explore the Water + Rope version to include high angle rope rescue skills in difficult-to-access areas like canyons and gorges.

Swiftwater Recovery Specialist

This is a two-day course that teaches swiftwater technicians about the complexities and techniques of body recovery from shallow depth swiftwater environments.

Developed by international experts and using the latest research to provide an evidence based curriculum, this two-day course covers legal authorities, disaster victim identification, recovery incident management, decomposition, infectious disease control, psychological considerations, management of family and media, evidential recording for law enforcement, specialist recovery equipment and methods, and a series of recovery exercises.

Rescue From Vehicles In Water

Rescue From Vehicles In Water explores the advanced swiftwater and technical rope rescue techniques necessary when responding to incidents involving vehicles in moving water.

The curriculum includes vehicle behavior, vehicle stabilization, and risk mitigation, as well as access techniques and casualty extrication. It features a secure in-water training vehicle in a controlled river environment for a realistic learning experience, and is yet another avenue for your Swiftwater training upgrade.

Management of Flood and Water Incidents

This high level course is designed for management and command personnel from emergency response, municipalities, regional districts, and industry who are responsible for coordinating a response to major water rescue and flood incidents. Management of Flood and Water Incidents provides the underlying knowledge and skills to successfully manage single or multi-agency operations within a jurisdiction’s existing emergency response framework.

This course bridges the gap between emergency planning process and the actual on scene response – a combination of operational skills and knowledge that most other training does not address. Participants will learn practical, operational skills that they will draw upon continually before, during and after major incidents.

This course can also include an on-river session to teach the practical, self-rescue skills required in a moving water environment. This ensures that managers and commanders have the ability to operate in the “warm-zone” (on shore) in as safe, effective and efficient manger while they are on-scene.

Rescue Boat Operator

Whether your call out zone includes flat water, swiftwater or tidal water, we have an approach that will give you the confidence and skills needed to operate your boat in a safe manner.  Training can be geared to watercraft with external propellors or jetboat engines, jet skis, or non-motorized watercraft including rapid deployment crafts. 

Our motorized boat handling courses differ significantly from those offered by Transport Canada – our training gets you in the boat, on the water, behind the controls, learning how to drive.