Rescue Sling Gear Review

Our ice equipment caches are now featuring the Atlas Rescue Sling, which warrants a rescue sling gear review!

You’ll see the Atlas sling on your next Ice Rescue TechnicianIce Rescue Technician Advanced, or Surface Ice Field Safety course.

We had three instructors rate the Atlas sling on a scale of 1 (horrible) to 5 (fantastic!).  Check out what they have to say.


4 out of 5

Ron: Has held up well to commercial training.  Wears well.  Simple design without any components that would be prone to wear or fail. 

Matt: The Atlas sling is well constructed and simple – there’s very little that can break down.

Alle Jan: The design is simple, which means there’s very little that can be broken.  In this industry, that’s exactly what we need.


5 out of 5

Ron: Very simple to use and even the most novice ice rescuers can quickly understand how to use it. 

Matt: The Atlas Sling is simple whether you’re using it as a reach device or a sling. It is self-explanatory to use.

Alle Jan: This sling is straightforward to deploy, and secures easily around patients.


5 out of 5

Ron: High level of functionality and versatility.  When the connector end is fed through the sling on the opposite side it adjusts to fit the patient very easiliy and stays there.  Also really like having the option to use it end to end as a reaching device if needed. It can be pushed out to someone as a reach tool and the webbing loop on the end works well to get an arm through. 
Win, win!  

Matt: This sling is supposed to be versatile, and it is.  The sling isn’t hard-tied together, and you can hook two or three together, making the sling incredibly versitible. There’s no way the cinch feature can fail – it cannot loosen off.

Alle Jan: You can use the Atlas sling as a reach tool to cover longer distances, or use it as a sling. It secures the patient effectively.  Its design does the job as well as it possibly can.

The Atlas Rescue Sling Gear Review

When you look at something as simple as a sling, there are still a few things that can set one product apart from the others available on the market.