RavenRSM & Train Your Probie

Raven is excited to be partnering with Stephen from Train Your Probie as he documents his journey on social media (Instagram and Facebook page.) while attending our Rope Rescue Operator course and Rope Rescue Technician course this spring and summer.

What is a probie?

Probie is a term used for a Probationary Firefighter within their first year.

Why and How did TYP start?

I started the journey with Train Your Probie back in 2015. Funnily enough, I was a Probationary Firefighter at this time. Before joining the Fire Department, I had spent 6 years in the Canadian Army. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Forces, but one of the major lessons I took away from my time there was the importance of training and being a competent professional. Being in the army, and being a First Responder, you are faced with decisions that have the potential to completely change you or someone else’s life. That can be a heavy load to carry. Part of being a competent soldier was the mindset that you must know your job, as well as the individuals above and below you. With that mindset, it is your job to pass on your knowledge and experience to the person below you. Train Your Probie was born as a channel to help try and share people’s knowledge and experiences within the Fire Service so that people could learn from each other. I started initially with a Facebook and instagram page and never expected TYP to grow the way it has. Today, we have over 500,000+ supporters through all of our channels. I am extremely fortunate for the people I have met along the journey and the doors that have been opened. My goal with TYP is to leave the Fire Service better than when I started. I believe that should be every firefighter’s goal. We need to thank the individuals that preceded us and built the reputation that we now get the benefit of today. It is now our job to leave the next generation of Firefighters better prepared for the ever changing challenges faced on the fireground. The only way to do this is through our work. Whether that may be focusing on mental health, spreading cancer awareness, or sharing simple training techniques that can be used on the Fireground, every single Firefighter can make an impact with bettering the service. 

What’s your goals with TYP?

Ultimately my goal with TYP is to leave the Fire Service better than when we started. If we can help provide just one Firefighter with information that they can one day use to save their life or someone else’s life, then TYP has served its purpose. My other goals for TYP is to continue to expand our community of like minded individuals. It is within this community where people share their experiences and learn from each other, that I plan on continuing to be a student of Firefighting Tactics and Rescue Operations in order to be a stronger Firefighter for my Department and community. 

What makes you passionate about being in the emergency services industry?

This is a great question, and I feel a lot of First responders would have a similar answer. I genuinely really want to help people in bad situations. It has kind of always been a part of who I am. I remember being a very small child when I would stick up for the small kid in our class being bullied. Maybe I watched too many superhero movies growing up haha, but I have always felt a sense of duty to protect the people who cannot protect themselves.

What’s been the most rewarding part of TYP?

One of the most rewarding parts of TYP is when people message us saying that they have recently used something they saw on our channel while operating at a fire. This could have been a training technique, tool, or even something they witnessed someone else do during a fire video we posted. That type of thing hits directly to the core of why I started Train Your Probie, passing on the experience and knowledge of others.

What’s your favourite piece of rescue gear and why?

I’m a big fan of the Aztek system. The Aztek allows you to quickly have multiple options in multiple situations and as in any emergency scene, things are always changing so having options is clutch. I’m not going to lie though, I’m very excited to get my hands on the Harken Wingman and get some reps in!

Where can people follow TYP online?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, and our website (www.trainyourprobie.com)