Drysuit Decontamination How-To

From hazardous material spills to body recoveries, swiftwater workers encounter more than just water on the job. That’s why having some basic drysuit decontamination know-how is a skill every swiftwater worker should have.

When your drysuit needs to be decontaminated, turn to these simple steps (brought to you by NRS and Raven) to get your gear back into working order.

Stock Up On Drysuit Decontamination Supplies

Looking for the right supplies to decontaminate your drysuit? You can pick up some Nickwax Drysuit Cleaner & Waterproofer in our equipment warehouse.

And while you’re putting time into drysuit care, apply some 303 Aerospace Protectant to the latex features on your suit. Your suit (and your wallet) will thank you; 303 will extend the life and vitality of your drysuit latex.