Congratulations, Sean: The 2021 Flood Legacy Bursary

Each year, our Flood Legacy Bursary gives us the opportunity to offer one emergency responder professional development.  In turn, they are able to better protect their community, and the team they work with.

This year’s recipient is Sean Lloyd, with Banff Fire Department.

Sean’s story demonstrates a wholehearted commitment to rescue work, driven by a dedication to his community and his team members. “2013 was my first experience in what the power of water can do,” recalls Sean.  

Emergency Responder Sean Lloyd

“I was working for the Town of Banff when the flood happened. At the time, I worked for the Water Services Department, and we were keeping the water system working well until the flood waters flooded the Trans Alta building, and we lost power. Then began the real work.

“As a small crew, we had to mitigate the high water levels in town to reach various pump-houses and emergency generators to maintain safe drinking water.  We were also preparing for the possibility that our wastewater treatment plant might become overrun.  We achieved our goal and kept things running; however, I became quickly aware that if something happened to one of my crew while we were working, I didn’t have any skills to help them.”

“I didn’t have any skills to help”

Today Sean is an EMT, a Firefighter, and a member of Canada Task Force 2.  He has trained in many different skills, but swiftwater hasn’t been among them. This year, Sean is ready to change that.

“I think back to 2013, and I remember how vulnerable I felt at times. I want to rectify that by attending one of Raven’s Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 1 courses.”

Congratulations, Sean. We’re inspired by your dedication to your community and the teams you are part of. We’re proud to offer you this opportunity for emergency responder professional development.

As this year’s Flood Legacy Bursary recipient, Sean has received:

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